We will support you throughout the acquisition/ structuring process, by carrying out pre-acquisition due diligence (understanding of contingent tax liabilities, negotiations on price, and assessment and negotiation of sellers’ warranties) and structuring of the deal.

CADENCE AVOCATS provides advice on the implementation of fiscal strategies for all business taxes (corporation tax, VAT, French local business taxes etc.).

The firm can also help in determining taxable income (adjustments to income statements to reflect current tax rules, tax treatment of extraordinary items for the financial year, provisions, and calculations for employee profit-sharing schemes).

We establish and monitor consolidated tax groups (drawing up tax consolidation agreements, completing tax consolidation forms, monitoring the legal framework, and analysing the tax consequences of restructuring affecting companies within the group).

CADENCE AVOCATS is recognised for its practice in relation to optimisation of company transfer, with or without consideration, and inheritance planning.

We support our private clients in structuring their real estate (under tax reduction schemes, Non-Professional Furnished Rental (LMNP), professional property investment and property development) and in drawing up their tax returns (income tax, wealth tax on real estate).

We assist individuals and companies with tax audits (‘ESFP’ for individuals, or examination of company accounts) required by the tax authorities. We act for our clients at both the pre-litigation stage and, where necessary, in the courts.

CADENCE AVOCATS supports our French clients in tax structuring of their international development: structuring and fiscal optimisation of intra-group financial flows, international restructuring operations, transfer of tax residence for the CEO/executives, Exit Tax.

CADENCE AVOCATS also acts for international clients wishing to set up in France (establishment in France of foreign groups, support for directors and employees moving to France).